Online events, video conferences, meetings or conference calls with foreign participants:

I can be your remote interpreter!

RSI: Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

Would you like to organise a webinar, a videoconference or an online meeting with participants speaking different languages? Technology applied to interpreting offers brilliant solutions: RSI, i.e., remote simultaneous interpreting! Through new simple platforms I can provide you with simultaneous interpreting online with the same effectiveness and quality as simultaneous interpreting on the spot. The translation experience for end users will be extremely easy and user-friendly. You do not need any specific technical expertise.

You can also use RSI for on-the-spot events where you do not have simultaneous interpreting equipment and booths. During your live event, participants can comfortably listen to the simultaneous translation via an App from their smartphone.

I am a Kudo and AblioConference certified remote interpreter. Contact me to try simultaneous interpreting online: it will be an innovative experience!

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Remote Consecutive Interpreting

Do you need to organise an online meeting for your company or a conference call with your international partners? Choose your favorite web conferencing platform, and I’ll be your trusted remote interpreter. I will deliver a careful, faithful and effective consecutive translation. I will help you to successfully achieve the goals of your conference call with all the advantages of consecutive interpreting, all done remotely! We will set your priorities, interests and strengths together and I will be at your side throughout the entire event. You can choose to have me on video or just listen to me.

Do not give up to your outgoing or incoming missions, use remote interpreting to discuss with your buyers, hold a B2B event, meet your foreign customers or approach new markets. We will be around the world in just a click!

Foreign language advisory services

Do you want to improve your English or learn French? Don’t waste time and tap the potential of online distance learning with personalized language advice. I can help you brush up on your English that you have not used for quite a while and raise your level to excellence. Do not cut yourself off from the world: you cannot afford not to know the universal language of our time! If, on the other hand, you have always wanted to learn French because you are attracted to it, then this is the time to discover this wonderful language. I can help you get the right pronunciation to achieve levels of perfect mastery and fluency. The remote lessons will provide you with an extremely practical approach and an innovative method based on real-life situations.

I can offer you a personalised Business English or Francais des Affaires course based on the latest teaching methods already proven and tested with authoritative figures and entrepreneurs. I can accompany you in discovering the foreign language of your sector such as tourism, catering, medicine or law. Do not hold back your commercial success, make a difference!

Video Public Speaking

Smart working has become a necessity in our lives, and you cannot afford not to be ready.

It is important to maintain effective communication during your distance learning, webinars or business meetings, even from home.

Rely on a communication and public speaking expert to improve your relationship with agile work and speak effectively on video in front of your online audience. You will be able to overcome the unease you feel in front of a webcam and you will finally be natural and spontaneous in front of your computer screen.

I will suggest how to position your computer and your chair, where to look, how to sit, how to organise your space and the light around you. Together we will see how to achieve the best results remotely by perfecting your diction, posture and speaking skills. I’ll show you the most important video public speaking methods to conquer your online audience. Let’s get started now!

“So you want to have any surprises for the success of your online event. Start with the interpreting service, trust me.”

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