Politics is serious business. You need an institutional interpreter. Here I am.

Personal interpreter for authorities

interprete autorità

I have been the personal interpreter of important authorities such as Regional Presidents, Ministers, Mayors and Councillors. Everyone has always complimented me not only on my skills but also on the professional ethics that distinguish me. When translating for an authority, you need to measure every single move with the utmost precision, choose the most appropriate tone and know how to stay in your place. I’m an expert in institutional, diplomatic and political issues. I can predict what can happen during meetings and my proactivity has always been appreciated by my clients. Even for the most delicate meetings, I can assure you the most appropriate and correct translation.

I can be the institutional interpreter you are looking for!

Foreign delegations

delegazioni estere

If you need to receive a foreign delegation at the Town Hall or at the offices in a Department, you need an interpreter who knows the culture of your foreign guests very well to deliver perfect Linguistic Mediation. I have repeatedly acted as a bridge between the cultures and institutions of two different countries, always succeeding in satisfying both sides to ensure dialogue and communication.

Ask me how you can get the best out of a foreign delegation!

Missions abroad

missioni estero

If your delegation is invited abroad, make sure that your needs are well understood by your host. A good interpreter in this case can convey the priorities of the delegation he is accompanying and achieve practical and immediate results. A lot of flexibility and resourcefulness is needed, even in the event of sudden programme and destination changes.

I can assure you of the best success!

Public Speaking
Public Speaking

Do you have to talk in public and you need advice? I can be your ideal coach. With me you can perfect your breathing techniques, your posture, your speech and your pronunciation. I can teach you specific techniques for speaking very well in public, eliminating anxiety and shaking, and projecting assertiveness and confidence, while being persuasive. I can prepare you for corporate conferences and meetings, political meetings, election campaigns, interviews, debates and high-level interviews. You will achieve an excellent level of confidence and readiness. It will be impossible not to believe you!

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