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Simultaneous Interpreting: Headphones and booths

interpretazione cuffie e cabina

Large conferences and congresses, many languages: this is the ideal setting for simultaneous interpreting in which an interpreter listens in one language and at the same time translates into another. Interpreters always work in pairs to alternate frequently and the audience in the room has appropriate earphones.

It is an activity that researchers define as “antiphysiological” since our brain must perform eight tasks simultaneously during simultaneous interpreting.

An impressive technique to listen to but exciting in terms of the result.

Consecutive Interpreting: Notepad, pen and notes

interpretazione consecutiva 1

Conferences, seminars, and foreign speakers: this is the ideal setting for consecutive interpreting where the main speaker speaks a language different from the rest of the speakers and the audience.

The interpreter takes magical notes that go straight to the point. After about 4-5 minutes, the speaker pauses and the interpreter renders the speech perfectly in the target language thanks to a strong expertise made of a mix of memory and notetaking.

It is not shorthand. Public Speaking techniques are crucial: an interpreter stands next to the speaker and is fully exposed to the public.

Chuchotage: In a low voice, in the ear
chouchotage antonino sicari

The speaker we have translated in consecutive must now follow what the other speakers are saying: this is the ideal setting for chuchotage in which the interpreter is positioned right behind, slightly shifted laterally, to whisper the translation into the listener’s ear.

This technique is often used in tandem with consecutive interpreting, but because of its timing it also has a lot in common with simultaneous interpreting.

The challenge lies in the absence of technical equipment and soundproofing.

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