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I’ve been working as an interpreter for more than 10 years and my watchwords are competence and versatility. A good interpreter must be professional, prepared, reliable, curious, alert and enterprising… If you are looking for a professional in the world of translation who fits this description, then you are looking for me.


I can boast the best possible formal preparation having obtained first an undergraduate degree in Linguistic Mediation and then a graduate degree in Conference Interpreting for the English and French languages. I have also improved my language skills abroad, an essential prerequisite for those in my field of work.


I have strong and very diverse experiences that allow me to be ready for any type of task. I have been the personal interpreter of Presidents of Regions, Councillors and Ministers. I have worked as an interpreter at major fairs and I have accompanied foreign delegations on company visits both in formal settings and in the middle of the countryside or among noisy machinery. I have done grandiloquent consecutives for big multinationals, solemn simultaneous interpreting assignmentsfor international organisations, and chuchotage to famous professors and art critics, as well as commercial negotiations for small and medium-sized businesses. I have worked as an interpreter at institutional meetings, both accompanying Italian delegations on missions abroad and during the official visits of foreign partners in Italy. I have done translations of manuals, brochures and technical publications.

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I am very sound grasp of various sectors such as Agrifood, Viticulture, Olive Growing, Economics and Finance, Banking and Insurance, Social Security, Financial Statements, Statistics, Philosophy, Religion, Geopolitics, Art, Architecture, Medicine, Criminal Law, Civil Law, International Law, Terrorism and Security, Maritime Transport, Air Transport, Environment and Geology, Physics, Chemistry, Conservation, Archaeology, Ancient, Modern and Contemporary History, Literature, Painting and Sculpture, Politics, Institutions and Diplomacy, International Organisations, European Union, European Projects and Programmes, NGOs and Volunteering, TV, Theatre, Sport, Sociology and Psychology.

Publications and Seminars

I had the honour of participating in the publication Parlare insieme. Studi Per Daniela Zorzi (BUP, 2016) with an article on inferences and prior preparation in Simultaneous Interpretation and I had the pleasure of giving lectures on Relativity in Translation and Consecutive Notes at ISIT in Paris.


I have a strong knowledge of interpreting and translation theories and techniques and I am a Lecturer in Written and Oral Linguistic Mediation at the Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici in Palermo, a field of activity that gives me the opportunity to analyse, improve and perfect every aspect of my profession.

Curious facts about me

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I can’t help but study and I keep up to date by reading, listening and even with intensive training courses. Interpreting has also created in me an irrepressible urge to keep abreast of current international affairs in all working languages and a strong passion for everything that unites cultures, so I’m passionate about planispheres, globes and flags. For every single phenomenon or concept I come across, I immediately search for its possible correspondent in other cultures.

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Language combinations

I am a native Italian speaker and my working languages are English and French. I work both from and into English and French and I often set aside Italian to translate from English to French and from French to English. I also have a large network of colleagues with the most diverse languages. You can contact me for any language combination and I’ll find the right colleague for you. I also know a great many institutions and schools for language training and certification. I can be your partner for foreign languages.

“Like you, I always want the best from my work, that's why I'm the interpreter you're looking for”

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